Random Cat has Evolved


Those who have known me for a while will know that my website and business “disappeared” for some time.

Well, what happened?

The fact is that it has evolved into something new! Previously my focus was working as a contractor for other businesses, offering an extra hand when they needed it, and not spending much time on my own work.

At the same time, my husband and I started making some big changes in our lives. We were no longer enjoying the standard, chaotic city living, and started searching for what made us happy.


In the summer of 2017, we made our first big change; We sold our condo and bought a Class A motorhome instead. Thus begin our new life on the road and the reassessment of my own work.

I realized that what makes me happy is working with individuals and smaller businesses, alongside pursuing my creative passions. I like being able to assist others, to teach someone a new skill, solve a problem they were facing, or create something that makes others happy.

Creative Nomad.

This led to me no longer working with bigger firms and studios, but instead taking on small, passionate projects. Working on the road also means I get to meet new people along the way, but still get to work online with those I already know.

One day I might be working on a website, the next I might write a new chapter for my novel, and then I’ll spend some time digitally painting. Every day is different, just as every project is different, and that is exactly what I love.